National Geographic photo of the day 2014    PAPUA NEW GUINEA PORTFOLIO AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.
  I spent 18 months in and out of Papua New Guinea photographing and living with a great number of tribes.  I have captured photos of the traditional dress of each of the 22 provinces, and I'm working on publishing a book and organizing museum and gallery exhibitions of this work.     This is a minute sample of my work while in PNG. I have documented Sepik skin cutting ceremonies, spent time with Baining dancers and have images of cultural items that haven't been shared with the world before.    In addition, I own some of the objects photographed, such as masks, arrows, spears, shields, birds of paradise feathers, etc. This items will enrich any viewers experience, as the audience will see the photographs while viewing the real objects in the photos.    I'm looking for a partner to help me show the world the immense beauty of the cultures of Papua New Guinea; one of the few living world heritage tribal environments left in our planet.     YOU HAVE BEEN GRANTED ACCESS TO A PRIVATE PAGE AND YOU MAY NOT SHARE OR COPY ITS CONTENT. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION. ALL IMAGES ARE PROPERTY OF WYLDA BAYRON.
Adrienne C. Moore - Orange is the New Black